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Skull of Sidon
Subject: FICTION / The Kinghts Templar

This is a story surrounded by the controversial history of the Knights Templar, who had the mandate of protecting Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land. King Baldwin II granted the Templars quarters on the Temple Mount. For the first nine years of their existence the order consisted of only nine knights. It is assumed that the limit in numbers might have been the reluctance to take the Templar vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience. Later, many men of noble birth would join their ranks and subsequently the Templars were often gifted with land and other valuables. Though unable to accept these gifts personally, the order became quite wealthy, for most of these men were exceptionally gifted in commerce. Being free from taxation and the tithes imposed on other orders their assets increased substantially.

Hungry for the Templars wealth, in 1307 King Phillip of France and the Pope conspired to bring the order down, charging them with heinous crimes, arresting what they hoped was all of the knights and subsequently executing them. The executions consequently brought on stories of supernatural interventions, especially that of Jacques de Molay who was burned at the stake. De Molay, the Grand Master of the Knights Templar was said to have cursed Phillip and the Pope from the flames, asking both men to join him in death. Strangely, the Pope died only one month later than Philip, seven months after De Molay was executed.

It is the mystery of the existence of the surviving Knights Templar in the years that followed their supposed demise that is boldly challenged in the author’s present novel. Unable to have any carnal knowledge of women, how did their numbers survive? Being men expert in covert action, did that expertise drive them to survive underground? Who were their later Grand Masters? What was their status in the countries where they possibly fled? What great powers did they continue to hold? Who were their progeny? Where were their secret orders held? How did they influence the countries where they possibly existed? Does the influence of their Christian beliefs, power, and wealth remain with us today?

The author weaves an intriguing historical novel around these baffling mysteries in her new book, “Anywhere You Go, Let Me Go Too”. An excerpt taken from the prologue instigates the plot. (Read Excerpt)

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