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Sublime Intervention
Subject: FICTION / Napoleonic Intrigue
Pages: 233
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Order this Paperback Book $18.69   (ISBN: 978-1-4010-5691-9 / ISBN10: 1-4010-5691-1)
Historical literature at its best! This is a fast paced novel filled with adventure and political intrigue. Sublime Intervention takes place during the reign of Napoleon in France and the mentally unbalanced King George of England. England is grimly dealing with the threat of the conquering French despot. The political fear Napoleon creates for the English king is his support of the royal house of Scotland, the exiled Stuart Dynasty, originator and defender of a constitutional monarchy. It is a move that introduces a chess game of intrigue and power sending a man and a woman into the very midst of danger in order to maintain and defend the ancient source of liberty.

Read an Excerpt from this Book


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