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To Key A Marquis
Subject: FICTION /18th Century Political and Sea Adventure
Pages: 597
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Order this Paperback Book $22.94   (ISBN: 978-1-4010-4782-5 / ISBN10: 1-4010-4782-3)
To Key A Marquis is written in a classic literary genre filled with dark mystery; a high sea adventure novel taking place in England beginning in 1708. During these years of Queen Anne's reign, the increased tension of an ongoing heated battle for power between the queen and her lifelong friend, the Duchess of Marlborough, would create an impassioned intrigue come to bear upon an exiled Marquis who found himself an unwilling pawn. Landing in the midst of that seething controversy would take all of his wit, acumen, and skill in the attempt to extricate himself from the constant danger of total personal destruction, not only on the high seas, but in the tenuous courts of Queen Anne of England. Historical Setting: The Eighteenth Century when England became mistress of the seas.

Read an Excerpt from this Book


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