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Greetings and welcome to my website! I have been online for a number of years and have enjoyed getting to know readers from all over the world. I am certain both old friends and first timers will find exciting site features and unique historical adventures! Browse as if you were in a bricks-and-mortar bookstore, make selection discoveries, read excerpts of the novels, and preview a work-in-progress.

I also would love to hear from you! Just click on "CONTACT". For your safety and convenience my website affords an easy, privacy protected, and secure way to: purchase books. Ordering the books has been established through an ordering process that offers the opportunity for personalized signed copies of my novels. It's simple, just Click on "THE BOOKS" and carefully follow the ordering instructions.

As always, to each of my readers, my very best wishes! --- Verannne Bryan ---

The books you will view on this website are written by the author for those who lokve historical novels. You will be excited to discover an historical novel which includes sea battles taking place during the mystery, adventure, and political intrigue surrounding Queen Anne of England and the Duchess of Marlborough. The combat in these grizzly sea battles will decide Great Britain's destiny. In another historical book, you’ll find men in heated combat during the United States Civil War, experience the passion of the fight and the awful carnage of those battles. You'll discover the answer to the mystery of an historical love story and the historical adventure it stimulates. A portion of another historical novel includes the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre, told through the historical eyes of Laura Keene. In this historical novel, based on the life of Keene, you’ll learn the little known history of this woman who held Abraham Lincoln as he lay dying. You’ll discover how Keene handles the difficulties with the historical actors Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth and the violence she encounters as the first lady of the Nineteenth Century theatre. There is also the core of the intrigue of Keene's famous historical love story. You'll find an historical novel based on the five civil war diaries of young Sarah Morgan, produced through the research found in these incredible historical journals. Have a craving to be a part of the Napoleonic war era. There is an historical novel regarding the intrigue around Napoleon Bonaparte’s divisive efforts waged through political combat to take over Great Britain by the manipulation of a neighboring constitutional monarchy. In this novel, Napoleon’s shrewd and devious historical influence to return the exiled aristocrats to France will stimulate a life threatening and treacherous historical relationship between two titled nobles.

In these action packed historical novels you are sure to find your fill of mystery, adventure, war, political intrigue, historical love stories, vivid ship battles, and hand-to-hand combat on land and sea enough to satisfy both genders. You will, in addition to the aforementioned experiences, find your passions satisfied with the unique historical love stories for fictional and real historical figures, Sarah Morgan and Laura Keene. Especially written for those of you who want to see behind the stage, you’ll be a part of the historical legitimate theatre. You’ll read about how one line in the historical play, “Our American Cousin”, played an instrumental part in the death of a president.

The new historical novel, THE SKULL OF SIDON is now released and evolves from the heritage derived from one of the final battles of the historical crusades during the war between the Christian Knights Templar and Saladin’s12th Century Moslem Warriors. The reader will experience a mysterious supernatural occurence surrounding the secret codes of a Templar myth and the symbol familiar to us all that it created. This mythology was later grossly distorted and was especiallly heinously utilized not only by the ancient Inquisition, but also by those in the future through the constant and continuous attempt to destroy the entire order.




You will further be entertained by taking a first hand glance into my just released novel based on the mysterious past of the Knights Templar. However, this book is in the process of being created for readers in paper back and hard back novel. BUT UNTIL THEN -- you can acquire The Skull of Sidon at Amazon Kindle E-books.


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